“Книга памяти” (часть 4-я)

“Вели колонну на расстрел, его из толпы отдали. Он был одет вот в эти вещички: вот был такой слюнявчик и вот такая вот рубашечка была одета”… “Дедушка, если можно это назвать, повезло, он умер 1 сентября до прихода немцев. Он не видел, как расстреляли всех его родных и близких”. Время всё больше отдаляет нас от Великой Отечественной войны, но у людей до сих пор хранятся вещи тех дней и страшные воспоминания: о расстрелянных родных, о родственниках, не вернувшихся с фронта целыми семьями, о страхе, с которым пришлось столкнуться оставшимся мирным жителям. Особенно евреям.. Об этом наш следующий фильм проекта “Книга памяти”.

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Veterans Speak Project

Moiseev Yevgeny Vasilyevich as a teenager harmed, as he could, the Germans when they occupied Rostov. Was driven three times to Hitler's concentration camps - Stutthof, Mauthausen, Gusen-1. He escaped several times, was caught and sent back to the camp. But he survived and returned home. He described his memories in the book "The Voice of Living Memory" and our film for the Rostelecom project "Veterans Speak". After all, while they are alive, we can learn the whole truth from eyewitnesses about those terrible events that took place during the Great Patriotic War.

"Book of Memory" (part 3)

This is a series of documentary films-memories of children of the war - Jews who survived the terrible events during the Great Patriotic War and survived. And many of their relatives and friends did not survive to this day: they were shot by their families in Zmievskaya Balka. Zmievskaya Balka is one of the most massive places of extermination of Jews on the territory of the Soviet Union. The executions took place here in August 1942. 27 thousand people died in it, more than half of them were Jews.

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"Book of Memory" (part 2)

“It seemed to me that war was not a serious matter,” - this is how the children reacted to rumors about war. But the real bombing, the sounds of sirens quickly plunged into reality and forced to grow up. And they already had to face childish betrayal: the neighbors betrayed the Jews and they shot them in the Zmievskaya gully of death. Not everyone managed to escape. Eyewitnesses of those events
creepy military footage from memory. The children of the war escaped the Holocaust by holding on to their mother's hand. The Memory Book is a documentary project that revives memories described on paper and carefully preserved by the Family Center Charitable Foundation.

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"Book of Memory" (part 1)

"The Germans are such a cultured nation, they are not capable of committing atrocities ...." - said many Jews and obediently went to the commandant's office to the Nazis. They were promised a new life, but instead they were immersed in gas chambers, shot in the courtyards of houses and tens of thousands were destroyed in the Zmievskaya gully of death. Every Jewish family has a story of the death of relatives and a miraculous salvation. Someone forged a passport, while others were courageously denied by the neighbors. The Memory Book is a documentary project that revives memories described on paper and carefully preserved by the Family Center Charitable Foundation.

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Of memories of Evgeny Vasilyevich Moiseev ...

So I want to be in time: to communicate with those who were, saw, fought and fix the whole truth of the events of the Great Patriotic War .. Our veteran is 93. He already sees almost nothing and hears poorly .. But he still clearly remembers every fragment of those terrible years ...
Evgeny Vasilievich Moiseev is a man with a very difficult unique fate. During the occupation of Rostov, he helped 15-year-olds to the Red Army. In October 1942 he was deported to Germany. He escaped twice from the Capen camp, went through the Gestapo and two prisons. Survived three death camps ...

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Continuation of the filming of the second film about WWII

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“Enemy aviation was raging. You jump and listen to see if the rumble of an enemy plane appears. Three times I came under fire from a German fighter. The pilot sees that a soldier in an overcoat with a carbine behind his back is galloping across the steppe. It instantly drops and fires a machine-gun burst ... ”- recalls a graduate of the Rostov RAU, artilleryman - Pyotr Nikitin, a participant in the first liberation of Rostov.

The beginning of filming of the second film about the Second World War

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There were almost no cartridges, they had to steal from the enemy and shoot the Nazis with German bullets, not allowing the Germans to reach the railway. The group under the command of Gukas Madoyan held them for six hard days, during the defense of the Rostov railway station and the steam locomotive repair plant. One of the heroes of those events and our new documentary is Pavel Kravchenko, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

V open regional competition-festival of film debuts

The most valuable reward for the whole team! The announcement of the results of this film festival was expected more than others. And it's not about the status and not the scale, but about professionalism: the chairman of the jury is film director Yegor Konchalovsky. Our second place is a great victory for us! Marina Chernykh , Maria Filinkova , Olesya Slynko, Sergey Vishnyakov , Vitaly Stupakov. Creative team "In focus" RROD "Synergy of talents" Olga Zvonareva .

International Forum :

"Unknown soldier - your feat is immortal."

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The first official screening of the film "Heroes of a Terrible Time" was held at the international forum "The Unknown Soldier - Your Feat is Immortal". Supported the creative team "In Focus" RROD "Synergy of Talents" and our actors. Let me remind you that all participants from reenactors to creators worked for free. State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky appreciated our work with letters of thanks. We express our special gratitude to the head of the “Synergy of Talents”, thanks to Olga Zvonareva our film went beyond the country and received translations into three dozen languages.

Laureates of the competition "Public Recognition."

The documentary "Heroes of a Terrible Time" became a laureate of the "Public Recognition" competition of the Public Chamber of the Rostov Region. Thank you for the kind words to the Chairman of the Presidium of the Association - Tatyana Zenkova. The film was created by the creative team “In Focus” RROD Synergy of Talents (directed by Olga Zvonareva ). Director - Maria Filinkova , authors - Marina Chernykh , Olesya Slynko, cameramen - Vishnyakov Sergey , Vitaly Stupakov.

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The film was transferred to the National Museum.

H akanune opening of the museum "Sambekskie height", gave his first film. Here it will not only be stored, but also demonstrated to visitors.

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Added subtitles .

Our movie is now with english subtitles

About the film:

" Heroes of a terrible time "

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A film about the Great Patriotic War. Doctors, civilians ... schoolchildren fought against fascism in occupied Taganrog for a long 22 months. The largest underground organization operated in the city. The film is about people who died quietly and courageously and did not even know that their unequal struggle with the invaders was not in vain. Combines episodes of the Bulk of Death. All these people - a museum employee saving paintings, a physician faking diagnoses so that people would not be taken to Germany, schoolchildren who followed the Germans, underground workers trying to break through the information blockade - were all shot during the occupation of Taganrog in this very beam. They are heroes without orders. The film is about courage, and about our memory of this feat. That we do not know whether we are capable of such courage, and we hope we will never know.

Heroes we won't forget!

These were the young heroes of our film in 1942 ... So they remained forever, never learning about our victory ...